About Us

TÜYAR Mikroelektronik San. ve Tic. A.Ş. (TÜYAR A.Ş.) was established as a pioneer in the formation of the integrated circuit design and production ecosystem in our country and the development of our industrial and technological capabilities in these areas.

Production facility to be established within the framework of investments and activities of TÜYAR A.Ş, not only in Turkey, will respond to the needs of neighboring countries in the field of microelectronics, it will make a significant contribution to regional cooperation and development.

Our vision is; To follow the developments in semiconductor technologies and microelectronics, to train competent human resources to meet national and regional strategic needs, to establish and operate advanced technology infrastructures.

Our Goals;

  • Production, testing and integration of critical designs domestically.
  • Creation of a national integrated circuit ecosystems that, world-wide competitive in IC technologies, nurturing and supporting the economy in Turkey.
  • To pioneer new developments and technologies that will ensure competitiveness in certain areas in the microelectronic field.